Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's BALLOON season!

BALLOON, pumpkin whatever you call it, it's definitely in. During the P&G Frontrow fashion show, local designer, Syaiful Baharim, clearly the crowds favourite, showed off his creations inspired by volume.

The Star

JULY 30, 2007By Rubin KhooTODAY’S woman doesn’t conform to the dictates of others. Independent and eager to stand out from the crowd, she is a savvy individual who is in touch with the goings-on of the world. This means that where her look is concerned, it’s all about being different.This image of the modern woman was evident at the autumn/winter 2007 fashion shows in Paris and Milan. According to the International Catwalk Report, this season is all about being playful and imaginative. The report, compiled by the P&G beauty team together with the company’s global ambassadors Pat McGrath and Sam McKnight, noted the main looks presented during the fashion weeks of London, Paris, Milan and New York.The report, however, doesn’t just focus on clothes. As achieving the look of the season means total grooming – attire, make-up and hair – the guide book provides beauty and hair tips that best complement the trends. This autumn/winter, a range of distinctive styles dominates the catwalks, from rebellious street wear to old style glamour. While the looks may have been based on the catwalks of Europe, they can be applied here as well. At the recent P&G Beauty FRONTROW event, the fashion, hair and beauty trends of autumn/winter 2007 were interpreted by local designers, make-up artists and hairstylist.Fifteen models including Carmen Soo, Marion Caunter and Elaine Daly wore creations by Khoon Hooi, Syaiful Baharim and Villiam Ooi inspired by the five themes of the season. P&G Beauty’s products, Pantene and Anna Sui, were used to create the accompanying hair and beauty looks. The styles speciby the catwalk report are as follows:Tengku Azura goes Modern Medieval in a Khoon Hooi creation.Tribal Warrior:It’s tough girl and 80s punk. Street fashion returns with an interesting twist. The “tribal warrior” woman doesn’t stick to specific trends, opting instead to co-ordinate her wardrobe. Vintage clothing and thrift store finds are matched with designer labels to ensure a look that is unique to the individual. The eyes are graphically defined to create an aggressive look. But bright colours are used, almost as if the eyes have been painted.For hair, it’s “undone done” which means that hair is simply washed and blow dried. Little effort is needed to create the look. A burst of hairspray, and you’re ready to go.Dutch PaletteThe works of 17th century masters like Rembrandt are celebrated by fashion designers Louis Vuitton, Jill Sander and Donna Karan. The woman who wears Dutch Palette is all about luxury, without being ostentatious. Shiny silks and satins are dominant while silhouettes are free flowing. Fabrics are also tailored to simulate a vintage style of dressing.For make-up, the eye is black winged with the upper lid highlighted using liquid black eyeliner and thick coatings of mascara. Hair, meanwhile, is blow dried to create a sleek and sophisticated look that is full of shine and bounce.Maxi Minimalism:Texture, volume and colour make up Maxi-Minimalism. Simple shapes are presented in complex forms. The suit, blazer and cardigan have more volume and texture, and are worn with whimsical accessories. The face is fresh and youthful, presenting an image of effortless simplicity. To achieve that natural look, a light foundation is sufficient, combined with neutral shades like pink and peach for the lips. Hair is also young, worn clean and close to the scalp.Marion Caunter presents Syaiful Baharim’s interpretation of Retro Sensual Glamour.Modern MedievalShe is dominant and perhaps subversive, wlling to take a stand on global issues. It’s all about combining theatricality with practicality, dramatic and yet at the same time wearable. “Hard” themes like bondage are transformed with more practical items but a hint of sexiness is there.The make-up creates an illusion of no make-up, and should be applied just to add definition and shape to the face. This can be achieved through a natural glow blush, brushed lightly on the cheeks and forehead. The hair should be cut to frame the face in the form of a bob or longer tresses. Bangers are a feature of this look.Retro Sensual GlamourThis season isn’t all about non-conformity. Glamour is also celebrated with a tribute to 1940s femininity. Independence and confidence takes the form of “look at me” glamour where women are unafraid to display their sexuality. It’s all about being immaculately put together, with structured jackets, pencil skirts and cigarette pants. Evening wear is red carpet-worthy and emphasises the curves. Lips are red in variations of striking ruby and deep scarlet. Eye make up, however, is kept to a minimum. Hair is a la movie star, blow dried and then curled to create the image of a 1940s siren.


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