Wednesday, October 31, 2007

m-ifw 2007

This up-coming Malaysia Fashion Week, Syaiful will be showing off his latest casual wear collection together with other international designers from the region. His ten ready-to-wear collection will be on the runway on the 3rd day, November 17th, at KL Convention Centre.

Apart from that, he will also feature his Islamic wear on the 18th of November alongside with fellow islamic wear designers in the country.

So, guys... make sure you don't miss the show. I'll keep you guys posted!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007



This year is all about colours and accessories. Syaiful looks to india this year for his bridal collection. "Kurung" is revamp into beatifully tailored modern pieces made his collection looks spectacular. Simple design yet stunning.

Maya looks simply stunning in these traditionally modernised pieces.

Trend SetterMonday October 8, 2007Festive pizzazz

Local designers add glamour to their Raya collections.By Rubin KhooFORGET conservative styles this Raya as designers renounce the traditional baju kurung and kebaya and transform traditional wear with flamboyant flair. This is most evident in the latest collection by Rizalman. He takes traditional garb to another level by turning it into avant-garde creations.The designer takes elements from the baju Kedah, the collar of the baju kurung Riau, and transforms the sarong from the traditional ombak mengalun (rolling waves) and kain berdagang luar (traders' cloth).Radzuan Radziwill continues with his trademark style. The look is soft and flowing, with elaborate detailing. Radzuan sticks to the conventional form but plays with the hem to give it a more contemporary look.Sharifah Kirana, too, doesn't stray from the silhouette of the baju kurung. She, however, uses embroidery and beads for the edges, for added glamour. But it isn't over-the-top as she uses softer colours to create elegance.Syaiful Baharim looks to India to create a regal collection. Inspired by Elizabeth Hurley's recent Indian wedding, Syaiful uses brocade, taffeta and embedded jewellery in his designs which transform women from mere mortals to Maharanis.A dash of glamour: Sharifah Kirana uses pastel colours and embroidery to add elegance to her Raya collection.Like a maharani: Syaiful Baharin is inspired by India.Grand: Another enchanting Indian-inspired look from Syaiful Baharin.Seductive: Rizalman goes avant garde this festive season.Layers: Radzuan Radziwill keeps to his trademark soft, flowing silhouette.

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