Monday, September 28, 2009

Syaiful Baharim COUTURE 2009

This coming Thursday, October 1st, i will be holding a fashion show for my 2009 Couture Collection. Thanks to club twentyone for making it happen!

The guests & the celebrities have been invited, the deco has been laid out, the hair & make-up team is ever ready,  the gorgeous models are practicing their catwalk ... and last but never the least, the media ... the medias are already cleaning and dusting their lenses to capture every moment during that spectacular event.

Invitation is limited. Walk-in guests will be allowed but only limited seats are available. So, ladies, be your fabulous best and head on to club twentyone for the Runway show.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Umie Aida

Umie Aida talks to Utusan Mingguan about her up-coming engagement. Looking simply demure in my bridal wear, she is truly an amazing actor.

To Umie Aida, congratulations! 

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Deko Idaman episode 8

Bedroom, to me is the most important room in the house. It is the only space in my house where i would spend most of my time - sleeping that is!!! 

So, a bedroom has to be cozy, relaxed and subtle. So, bright color is a big NO when it comes to bedroom. I mean, can you ever sleep in a red/yellow bedroom?

This week, in Deko Idaman, i have to make-over a bedroom of a home-owner in Shah Alam. Well, the bedroom is not too spacious. I have very limited space to work with, nevertheless, we executed the job really well!

Here are some pictures from the make over:

This is the bedroom before the make-over:


And this is during the make-over:

Shifting the barang-barang out of the room

Ape yang tengah dipikir budak praktikal ni..

And these are the pictures of the newly made bedroom:

Purple is my color of choice for this bedroom. Not only purple looks stylish and fresh, it also make this bedroom looks really cozy. 

The white door and window panels blend really well with purple.

Who needs an expensive wallpaper when you can have this paste-on flowery wall sticker. It gives similar effect to wallpaper but at a much lower cost. 

This stand lamp is simple yet stylish!

 and this dark brown closet completes this bedroom set... subtle and pleasant.

Finally, pose with the make-over team and TV crew :



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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Couture Runway show

Two weeks ago, I was approached by Club 21 KL to stage a Fashion Show coming October 1st. I was elated! Club 21 is one of my favorite place to hang out. The club is really chic and cozy! So, when i heard this fanta-bulous news, i immediately said yes. 

My good friend, Khir Khalid has also agreed to help me with the make-up. And with his magic touch, needless to say how fabulous the show is going to be!!!

So, guys let me plan for my Runway show and come back soon for more updates.


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Friday, September 18, 2009

BDA - Bumiputera Designer Award

This year, i was chosen to be one of the judges for Bumiputera Designer Award 2009. So, today i have the priviledge to select the finalists for the up-coming MIFW to be held in November. There were many talented young designers showed up for the interview. This year, BDA opens its door to the non-bumiputera designers as well.  

It was tough decision, but, like any competitions, there can only be few finalists. After much discussions with the panel of judges, we manage to list down the top eight who will be in the BDA Finale Runway 2009.

To all the finalists, i wish you all the very best. And for those who didn't make it, don't give up and keep trying in times to come.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eid 2009

Raya is just around the corner, 2 more days to be exact. During this time of the year, each an every designers are at their busiest. Orders for Raya is very good this year despite the economic downturn. Me too am not spared from this pre-Raya madness ...(not that i'm complaining ;))

TWO days to go, and i still have not done my Raya shopping... this year, Raya will be celebrated quite simple for me. Being with family and really closed friends is my top priority this coming Eid. 

To all my beloved friends and Syaiful Baharim demi-couture lovers:


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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Malay Wedding pt 1

Maya Karin in my Couture wedding dress on her Italian Wedding

Being fashion designers in Malaysia, we are expected to do a whole lot more than just designing wedding dresses. Sometimes, we have to run the whole wedding ceremony. So, it's a norm to see fashion designers running a wedding event here in KL or anywhere else in Malaysia.

I, myself have been doing countless weddings, mostly Malays although i did design a few wedding  dresses for my Indian and Chinese clientele.
What i love about Malay weddings is the whole preparations for the big day - the wedding altar (pelamin), the offerings (hantaran), the dining decor and of course the wedding dresses. I always try my best to give  the couple their dream wedding event that fits their budget. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event! And what matters most is my clients are happy with the services i offered them. 

Here are some photos taken during the numerous weddings i have done:

Nabila Huda on her big day
My very good friends - Izrin (INNAI) & Marcus on their wedding day

Remember, although the wedding event is only a one-off event, the whole wedding preparations, the laughter, the joy and the family gathering is what makes it more special. So, cherish every moment!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ad Campaign 2010 fashion shoot

The Ad campaign photo shoot went really well last Sunday, September 6th. For this ad campaign i chose my good photographer-friend to execute the task at his studio in Ampang - GUEZZ studio. I went back to my boutique that Sunday morning to ensure everything is well prepared while waiting for my make-up artist extro-di-naire - Khir Khalid. Then off we went to Ampang at around 4PM...

My model arrived at around 5PM and Khir started his magic soon after. He is one talented artist. He knew exactly what i had in mind and i am so happy he agreed to help me with this photo shoot.

The photo shoot only started at around 8PM and although we were a bit lag behind schedule, we manage to capture tons of spectacular images. :)

We finished the shoot at 0130AM. And although we were exhausted, i truly can't wait to launch the ad campaign. It's going to be great!

Khir's tools

The dresses

More photos from the photo shoot coming soon ...

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deko Idaman episode 7

This time around, we traveled down-south - JB city. Me, the TV crew and our home make-over team were ecstatic to start the show.
This episode in JB, i get to renovate a dining room. Yes, another dining room... i know. I was very excited nevertheless. To me, dining room is as equally important as the bedroom, especially if you love food ... like myself! But unlike the 3rd episode, this time around i selected different color and concept for this family home.

Picture worth a thousand words, hence ...

The room before make-over

Men @ work

The dining room after the make-over...

I used colour lines to give the wallpaper effect
Green + Yellow = Warna Kasih Sayang
Did you know that i custom-made the table lamps for this home owner?
So, what do you think?

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Ad Campaign 2010

Today i was busy making final preparations for my Ad Campaign photo shoot to be held tomorrow. After selecting the dresses for the shoot, i head over to Bangsar to get my superfine jewelleries from one of my closest friend (surprise .. surprise .. ). The jewelleries are exquisite and totally complement my couture collection.

So, dresses - checked ... jewelleries - checked ... shoes - checked ... make-up artist checked ... venue - checked ... super-gorgeous model - CHECKED! I guess we are ready ...

preparing some add-ons for the shoot

my assistant doing some final touch-up

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Ad Campaign 2010

It feels so good to have completed one task... Last Sunday, i completed filming my final episode for Deko Idaman. So, now that it's over, i can fully concentrate on my boutique. Raya orders are still coming in ... and i'm just so blessed. I have a very wonderful team supporting me.

After much discussion with my two partners - Zuriee & Suraya, we've finally made our decision for our next Ad Campaign. Yesss... we have chosen the next face for Syaiful Baharim. She's a beauty with attitude and we simply love her!!!

With Khir Khalid as my make-up artist, i am sure the photo shoot will be spectacular. So, guys come back soon for more updates on my Ad Campaign fashion shoot.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 wedding Do's & Don'ts

Most of us have some strong negative feelings about "do's and don'ts" just like we dislike other people telling what we must and must not do. but sometimes knowing where the pitfalls are ahead of time keeps us from falling into a hole we can't get out of. And sometimes knowing what others did that did or did not work for their wedding helps us make our wedding even more special. As an officiant some of my recommendations are:


1. Do make your wedding a joint venture between bride and groom. Some grooms just want to know what to wear and where and when to show up. Some brides want to call all the shots and make all the decisions. Make your decisions together - you will be doing this for the rest of your lives and this is a good place to start.

2. Do get everything that can get done in advance done as far in advance as you can. You don't want to discover the day before your wedding that you have forgotten to get your marriage license or that your dress isn't ready.

3. Do let your ceremony reflect who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple. This can be done with the music, readings, vows and other personal stories and selections you make.

4. Do take into consideration "family tensions" or "sore spots" when you plan your seating. If parents have divorced and remarried and have tension in each other's presence, be sensitive about how they are seated at both the ceremony and the reception or dinner. This will prevent unnecessary stress and perhaps tears.

5. Do delegate, delegate, delegate. Let other's help so when the week of the wedding arrives you have time to enjoy your guests and not arrive at your own wedding too tired to enjoy it.


1. Don't think you have to spend more money on a wedding than it would cost you for a college education or a new house. Some of the most beautiful and meaningful ceremonies are in someone's back yard. It isn't about how much money you spend but about the love between you. Think about how you can avoid going into your marriage on the edge of bankruptcy.

2. Don't be shy about speaking up for yourselves. This is your wedding. Just because Aunt somebody-or-other had her bridesmaids in dresses that looked like those in My Big Fat Greek Wedding doesn't mean you have to do the same. Or because Uncle I-think-I-can-sing-but-can't wants to sing doesn't mean you have to let him. Tell them how much you love them and thank each of them for their wonderful offer with a gentle statement that you've already chosen the dresses and planned the music (or whatever).

3. Don't Procrastinate. If you want a disaster the day before and the day of the wedding, just put things off. The more organized you are and the better you have delegated those "last minute" things, the more you will be able to participate in and enjoy wedding day.

4. Don't have unrealistic expectations about having everything perfect. Beautiful? Yes. Perfect is harder. Remember that this is a joyful celebration of love rather than an exercise in perfection. Most of us are not "practically perfect in every way" like Mary Poppins and we make mistakes. The mistake is generally the thing that gives you the fondest memories. I officiated a near perfect wedding and I was aware that everything had gone right. At about that point, a bridesmaid fainted. She was quickly back on her feet and the ceremony proceeded, again, perfectly. There was no way this could be anticipated and prevented. They will talk about it with fond memories for years to come.

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