Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Home @ Nona TV3

After succesfully interior-decorating six homes in Deco Idaman, i thought it is time for me to share my home with all TV3 viewers. I hesitated for a while, but then, i told myself why not... After all, i bet many are curious on how my home looks like.

So, watch the video below, taken from Nona that was shown on November 8th 2009.


Ard said...

hi there. saw ur apt featured on nona. it's very nice but i could not really figured out what u have done to the place. coz the shots were bit confusing. i actually bought an apartment there too in block d. was hoping if u could post photos of ur place here in your blog to see what u've done to the place. i must say that it has been beautifully decorated from what i've seen!! would love to see more of it if you dont mind. thanks so much so much in advance.

Syaiful Baharim said...

Hi Ard,
Glad you like my home. To see more pictures from my home, get a copy of GLAM Home this coming issue.


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