Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interior Designs

Of late, i suke sangat interior designing. Real close friends have been asking me for ideas on how to give new look to their cribs. I pun ape lagi ...

Interior design and Fashion design ... sama ke u might ask. Well, good designers never limit themselves to only one genre. We have got to be versatile. We have to challenge ourselves to do more than what is expected of us..

After winning the Mercedes-Benz awards, i have had very valuable experiences with London-based designer Ashley Isham as well as Mercedes-Benz design center in Japan. I even manage to design my own hatch-back Mercedes Benz!!!

So, yes ... interior design is fun. That is why i agree to do DEKO IDAMAN with TV3 to gain more exposure and to see how well i can be accepted as interior designer. Visit my blog more often as i will post new pictures of the homes that i have made-over in the TV shows.


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