Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wedding Hairstyles

Getting married isn't easy... surely every brides want to look their best on their wedding day... or what they always call it - A Perfect Wedding.

Unless you're a muslim and you wear a "tudung" or a scarve on your big day, hairstyle is an essence for that perfect look on that big day day.

Here are some of the gorgeous hairstyles for your wedding ...

1. Vintage wave

A chin length bob, sassy bangs and an art deco hair clip put a modern spin on vintage style.

2. Absolute Glam

Here's a vintage Hollywood hairstyle that's absolutely glam. Paired with a dramatic gown, peep toe pumps and sparkling jewelry and you're ready for a red carpet kind of day.

3. Retro bride

Inspired by a 1960's beehive, it is just super chic, modern look.

4. Sultry style

Gathered at the nape of the neck and finished with luscious curls, who knew a pony tail could be so sexy?

5. Modern twist

Instead of fighting against your naturally curly or wavy hair, this style works with it. The result is a modern updo with texture and depth.


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