Saturday, October 3, 2009

Club twenty.one Couture Show

It was simply a night to remember... October 1st 2009. The Couture show went really well. The crowd was beyond expectations. The club was filled with celebrities, numerous socialites, fashion reporters and a fellow fashion designers. 

Albert King was spotted with his friends. Suzie and the whole GLAM team as well as the InTrend entourages were there. The MURAI team were busy capturing images of the celebs and socialites during the show. My dearests Jeslina Hashim, Vee, Ferhad and Alyssa, Zahida Rafiq, Izrin & Marcus (Innai), Amri, Nini Marini (new found MUSE) & Shazroul were there to spice up the event.

Here are some pictures from the show:

Jeslina Hashim & Amri

Izrin & Marcus

... with Suraya and Nini both in Syaiful Baharim demi-couture

Zurie and Nini Marini

Shazroul, Anuar & Albert King

Zahida Rafik (wearing Syaiful Baharim demi-couture) , Shazroul & Izzat

Thank you guys for coming to the show. More pictures from the Runway soon ...


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