Sunday, October 4, 2009

Deko Idaman episod 11

For my final make over, i was given a kitchen to work with. Yuppp ... finally!

Kitchen is also as equally important as any other rooms in the house, especially, if you like cooking (just like me...). When i first saw this kitchen, it was a mess and it definitely need a major make-over. So, i was very thrill to start working, because there were ample to do.

Here is the kitchen before make-over:

and here is after ...

Simply clean and neat


Custom-made lamp especially for the lucky one

Wooden kitchen cabinet with white blinds

Classic yet stylish

So, how?

Want to see my previous make-over, simply visit http://www.tv3.com.my/ and visit the catch up TV program.


Anonymous said...

Thanx syaiful.. :)

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