Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tatler Malaysia

Malaysia Tatler, The Royal Diaries issue, September 2009, shows Syaiful Baharim dressing-up the three Ravishing Royal Descendants - Raja Juliana, Raja Sheena and Puteri Afzan. The photoshoot was held at Carcosa Sri Negara.

For this photo shoot, Syaiful showcased his latest Couture collection for 2009/2010.

The three Royals - Raja Sheena, Raja Juliana & Puteri Afzan in high fashion shoot.

Royal personafied!

Looking Demure in silk tafetta Avant Garde evening dress.

"It feels great to be a Royal's favourite!"

Raja Sheena in Syaiful's white Couture

Raja Juliana in this stunning lace applique toga with peach tafetta high-waist skirt by Syaiful Baharim


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