Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ad Campaign 2010 fashion shoot

The Ad campaign photo shoot went really well last Sunday, September 6th. For this ad campaign i chose my good photographer-friend to execute the task at his studio in Ampang - GUEZZ studio. I went back to my boutique that Sunday morning to ensure everything is well prepared while waiting for my make-up artist extro-di-naire - Khir Khalid. Then off we went to Ampang at around 4PM...

My model arrived at around 5PM and Khir started his magic soon after. He is one talented artist. He knew exactly what i had in mind and i am so happy he agreed to help me with this photo shoot.

The photo shoot only started at around 8PM and although we were a bit lag behind schedule, we manage to capture tons of spectacular images. :)

We finished the shoot at 0130AM. And although we were exhausted, i truly can't wait to launch the ad campaign. It's going to be great!

Khir's tools

The dresses

More photos from the photo shoot coming soon ...


Anonymous said...

Wow, couture gowns? I Like .. cepat lah publish all the gambar. I can't wait to see your Couture Collection, syaiful darling!

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