Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deko Idaman episode 8

Bedroom, to me is the most important room in the house. It is the only space in my house where i would spend most of my time - sleeping that is!!! 

So, a bedroom has to be cozy, relaxed and subtle. So, bright color is a big NO when it comes to bedroom. I mean, can you ever sleep in a red/yellow bedroom?

This week, in Deko Idaman, i have to make-over a bedroom of a home-owner in Shah Alam. Well, the bedroom is not too spacious. I have very limited space to work with, nevertheless, we executed the job really well!

Here are some pictures from the make over:

This is the bedroom before the make-over:


And this is during the make-over:

Shifting the barang-barang out of the room

Ape yang tengah dipikir budak praktikal ni..

And these are the pictures of the newly made bedroom:

Purple is my color of choice for this bedroom. Not only purple looks stylish and fresh, it also make this bedroom looks really cozy. 

The white door and window panels blend really well with purple.

Who needs an expensive wallpaper when you can have this paste-on flowery wall sticker. It gives similar effect to wallpaper but at a much lower cost. 

This stand lamp is simple yet stylish!

 and this dark brown closet completes this bedroom set... subtle and pleasant.

Finally, pose with the make-over team and TV crew :




Mrs Siti said...

rasa nak nangis tengok deko2 dlm ni.. hhuuhu..if only my house can be done like this...

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